Elegante International | Elegante International Business Award
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Elegante International Business Award

Our Honorary Chairman

JP Chin

Honorary Chairman – GIBA & EIBA 2017/2018
Founder of Silverlake Innovation
Partners Sdn Bhd (SIP)

Mr. JP Chin is the founder of Silverlake Innovation Partners Sdn Bhd (SIP), a company that provides IT infrastructure consultancy, system and networking services, system integration services and applications know-how, specifically in Finance Sector applications. In this respect, SIP is a value-added “solutions gateway” that bring together worldwide solutions to meet the needs of customers in Malaysia and in this region.


Mr. JP Chin also currently serves as a director on the Board of Symphony Life Berhad (formerly known as Bolton Bhd), one of the oldest and most established property developers in Malaysia. Being a hands-on person in everything he does, in Symphony Life he created and spearheaded the development of 51 Gurney, a luxury condominium with the “First Ever Car Port in the Sky”. Being a supercar and motorsport enthusiast, the concept of 51 Gurney integrates a state-of-the-art car lift and driveway that allows residents to drive and show-case their cars within their own homes. This 68-units development situated 1.2 km from the Petronas Twin Towers, offer spacious living ranging from 3,000 to 5,000 sq fit.


In addition, Mr. JP Chin also founded JPM Motorsport, an organisation that aims to build an active and dynamic motorsports lifestyle community across all levels of motorsports through various motorsport related events. Having big passion for motorsports and the motoring industry, he went on to serve in successful senior leadership roles in all motorsport events. He has managed to involve the community at a greater scale in motorsport events such as the Super GT. Innovativeness has created an event for whole family, again carrying Malaysia into a new height of motorsports recognition at the international level.

Message from the Organizing Chairwoman

The road to success is often laid with challenges and seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Those who can persevere through the storm and blaze a trail for others to follow, they are the ones who will have the best stories to tell and inspire others to chase the rainbow, and follow their dreams. Some of these extraordinary individuals have not only successfully forged their careers in their respective fields, they have also contributed to the society through their companies and their own personal capacities. These are the Malaysian Extraordinaire who exemplifies the qualities of a true Malaysian, someone who defies all odds and rise above the sea of negativities, inspiring others and continue to give their best to the country and their community.


As an entrepreneur myself, I feel an obligation to highlight and celebrate these Malaysian Extraordinaire and their stories. Personally, I have been through my highs and lows, and I empathize and respect these entrepreneurs who pour their heart and soul into their dreams that they believe in when no one else would. They had a stare down with Fate and came out stronger, but they also need to be given a pat on their shoulders and someone to tell them, “Well Done!”


The Grandeur International Business Award and the Elegante International Business Award are designed to be that pat on these Malaysian Extraordinaire shoulders and a platform for them to further launch their already bright futures. It is a growing platform for these outstanding individuals to be seen in a wider and more international arena, and for them to shine brighter with their inspirational stories of success. It is my hope and aim that this platform will create a community of enterprising and creative intellectuals who will foster an ever growing sharing and learning essence that will further drive the true Malaysian spirit in the Global Market with our products and services.


“Life is a journey, not a destination”. The award is only the start of the journey for our winners, and it is my honour to be able to use this platform to tell the ongoing stories of our award winners in the hope of inspiring other youths and those who dare to dream. I am proud to continue to be a part of the successful journey of our Malaysian Extraordinaire!


Organizing Chairwoman – GIBA & EIBA 2017/2018
Founder / Chief Catalyst Officer – EMI

About the Organisers

Elegante Muse International

Elegante Muse International is an organization dedicated to empowering inspired individuals in the corporate world for success. We are an exclusive resource-sharing based platform for entrepreneurs and those who dare to chase their big dreams. Our platform connects these inspired individuals with our prominent international and local corporate partners to build powerful networks that will create more entrepreneurial opportunities in Malaysia and the region for you.

Official International Award Partner

Global D’bay Resources Limited New Zealand

is an International Consultant company that focuses on providing an ideal occassion in an International multi-sector forum for companies/ organizations. A platform of opportunity to promote economic relation and establish new commercial and professional contacts. The reward is International Award Recognition and Certifi cation of high International standards,established around Quality, Exellence and Business Prestige.

About The Grandeur &
Elegante International Award

The Grandeur International Business Award & The Elegante International Business Award, organized by Elegante Muse International, celebrate the 50 extraordinary gentlemen and 50 amazing ladies who have made their positive presence felt in their respective fields and inspired others along their paths in Malaysia.


Malaysia, a cauldron of culture, heritage and different ethnic history. The true Malaysian is the hardworking and peaceful member of the greater society who is constantly trying to make the country better for the next generation. The Malaysian Extraordinaire are the unique individuals who possess all these qualities and exemplify them through their enterprising and creative initiatives in their respective industries. These individuals are the Malaysian Extraordinaire that we are celebrating, their stories will be the inspirations for others to follow.


Elegante Muse International is an exclusive business networking platform for Malaysian male & female entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs-to-be. Elegante Muse International created this unique platform to recognize the contribution of these individuals to our society and the country by celebrating their stories and paths to success. And the platform is also designed to be the launching pad for these individuals to scale higher in their respective fields. The award brings together the Malaysian Extraordinaire and the different international corporations to promote greater connectivity and develop more entrepreneur opportunities in Malaysia and greater Asia across the various fields including manufacturing, retail, services, sports, arts and culture.


The sharing and the learning that can be developed from this platform will be valuable to the various industries and hopefully inspire others to fulfill their own destiny. This growing community of Malaysian Extraordinaire will instill a new sense of pride of what means to be a Malaysian and give the encouragement to them to continue in their contribution to the society, creating legacies for future generations.

Elegante International Awards Categories

A) Elegante Amazing Female Award

To give recognition to the contribution of amazing individuals who have pushed themselves or their companies to be outstanding leaders in their own industries.
Maximum number of winners: 10

B) Elegante Top Emerging Entrepreneurs

To give affirmation and encouragement to entrepreneurs who started from nothing. Their spirit of perseverance has certainly set a good example.
Maximum number of winners: 10

C) Elegante Top Leadership Award

To give recognition to the contribution of Founder / Owner / Top Management of the company whose leadership led to rapid growth in business, high profits, and their leading position in the industry.
Maximum number of winners: 5

D) Elegante International Personality Award

Elegante International Personality Award is initiated to honour remarkable individuals who have contributed to our society in their own capacities and to recognize their positive influence to their peers and the younger generation.
Maximum number of winners: 5


Please provide the following documentation in soft copy together with your nomination form.

  • Two (2) years audited account.
  • Company information: SSM Registration Copy, Form 24 and 49 copy, Brochures, Website Print Out, Certification and Awards for Malaysian ownership evidence. – Director Portrait (1 Photo) High Res Photo with 800 DPI is required
  • A processing fee of RM900 is payable to “MyMilan Milan (M) Sdn Bhd “
  • Nomination Closing Date : October 2017
  • Registration & Admin fees payable to:
    Account Name : MYMILAN MILAN (M) SDN BHD
    Account No. : 122480010023716

Information submitted to this Nomination Form are true and complete. I authorise the Organisers to verify any information including but not limited to information related to our company and/or credit standing from third party provider(s) as deemed necessary.

* Please type or write in BLOCK letters.
* All fields must be completed. Please put “Not Applicable” where appropriate.
* All information submitted will be sealed upon receipt, and is used only for judging purposes.

Qualification Criteria

An annual turnover of RM2 million and above and up to RM30 million in the last 2 financial years. (A, C & D)

An annual sales turnover below RM2 million. (B)

Judging Benchmarks

Both quantitative and qualitative benchmarks are used to determine the winners and their ranking within this list.

60% Quantitative Criteria

  • Net Operating Profit Before Tax
  • Annual Turnover
  • Growth in Turnover

40% Qualitative Criteria

  • Managing Outlook
  • Major Innovations
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Activities
  • Export Activities


  • To maintain confidentiality, the financial information of participating companies will NOT be release publicly. Operating profit and financial ratios will only be used for the purpose of ranking and will be published only as a percentage or ratio.
  • However, financial data and other figures may be used for research purpose, for which authorization is deemed to have been received from all participating companies upon submission of the Nomination Form. The organises’ decision on all aspects of this programme including ranking, evaluation and publication of the list will be final.

Judging Benchmarks


Self Nomination or Organiser Invitation


Submission of Nomination Form and Supporting Documentations


Verification of Information provided by Nominee


Nominations are vetted and Nominees may be required to answer additional questions


Nominees will be ranked using the proprietary Elegante International Award methodology


Winners will be informed and required to sign the Acceptance of Awards, Rules and Regulations


To be held at a 5-stars international hotel or convention venue


Attractions and Benefits